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Be a Part of TMACC's First Awards Luncheon!

The Transportation Management Association of Chester County is excited to announce the introduction of the TMACC Annual Member Awards (AMAs)! These awards will recognize exemplary people, projects, studies and initiatives in Chester County. TMACC will recognize projects in four categories; sustainability, advocacy, connectivity and community.  Awards will be given at our Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, June 9, 2017 at the Waynesborough Country Club.  

Submission Guidelines

  • The Annual Member Awards (AMAs) are open to TMACC members in good standing as of May 1st, 2017.  To verify membership please contact Jon Ewald at 610-993-0911. 
  • If you are not a member of TMACC, but would like to submit an application, please contact Jon Ewald at 610-993-0911.  
  • Applications must pertain to a project in the Greater Philadelphia region and/or completed by a company or organization that is located in the Greater Philadelphia region. 
  • Organizations can apply for multiple projects.  Each project must be submitted separately.  

Deadline for all submissions is 5:00 PM, May 19, 2017.  
Click here to start your application! 

Award Categories

The TMACC award for Sustainability goes to a project or company that embodies TMACC's core mission.  Applications will be accepted for projects that aim to improve air quality and congestion mitigation both in practice and in principal in Chester County.  

Examples of  Sustainability Projects:
Implementation of vanpools, bike infrastructure, shuttles, implementation of comprehensive plans, master plans, and ordinances requiring trail connections, multimodal design and greener byways. 

 The TMACC award for Advocacy is presented to an individual or group of individuals that displays institutional leadership working towards advancing the priorities of the TMACC mission to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. 

Examples of  Advocacy Projects:
 Program creations to improve air quality, congestion mitigation, advocating or creating infrastructure improvements for a company or township, and improving access to transportation. 

The TMACC award for Connectivity highlights a project that improves access to trails, trains, buses and recreational activity. TMACC is looking for projects that recognize that sidewalks, bike lanes, bus stops and connections to recreation are not additional amenities but rather basic infrastructure. 

Examples of Connectivity Projects:
Going above and beyond complying with local SALDO and Zoning.  Advancing the greater network that provides access and improves quality of life.  

The TMACC award for Community is presented to an organization, company or township that actively works to improve the quality of life for the residents, employees or the community at large.  

Examples of Community Projects: 
 Champions of large scale mass transit investments, improvements to the trails and bike lane networks, alternative commuting methods, spearheading coalitions, committees and working groups.  


Know a company or someone who would be a perfect match to a receive an award for one or more of these categories?  Email us and let us know!