Chester County Commissioner’s Announce Additional Funding for CHESCOBUS

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Coatesville, PA – The Chester County Commissioners announced yesterday at the Coatesville Gateway Park their investment of $130,952 in CHESCOBUS for the balance of FY 2015/2016. 

Coatesville LINK is a bus route within CHESCOBUS, which is managed by the Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC).  The service connects the Coatesville are to Parkesburg Monday through Friday and carries on average 6,000 users each month.  Earlier this year, Coatesville City Council grappled with balancing their budget and was unable to renew their funding for public transportation.  The loss of funds created a challenge to the access to significant matching funds from the state, and resulted in TMACC reducing Coatesville LINK service.

“The Coatesville LINK is woven into the daily lives of those who depend on the bus to get to and from work, medical and social service appointments, and shopping,” said Commissioner Michelle Kichline, “It stops at major locations such as the Brandywine Hospital, the Coatesville Veteran’s Affairs Hospital, and Handi-Crafters.  We couldn’t let a significant amount of match funding from the State slip away.”

The $130,952 given by the Commissioners will enable TMACC to match the funds needed to receive a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation grant for $880,000.

“With this generous County funding allocation, the Coatesville LINK can continue to operate effectively and serve the community,” said TMACC Executive Director, P. Timothy Phelps. “We greatly appreciate the financial support and partnership of the Chester County Commissioners.”

The Commissioners said they will continue to work with Coatesville City Council, TMACC, surrounding municipalities and private sector parties to ensure the Coatesville LINK service continues into 2016 and beyond.

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