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Ozone Action Day Declared for Wednesday August 27, 2014

Malvern, PA—The Air Quality Partnership has declared an Ozone Action Day for the Greater Philadelphia Region.  Levels of ozone tomorrow are at ORANGE, which is rated unhealthy for sensitive groups and levels for particle pollution are moderate.  The Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC) recommends limiting strenuous outdoor activity today in order to protect your health. 

There are four Air Quality Index (AQI) Levels of Health Concern.  Good AQI levels are labeled GREEN.  Moderate levels are YELLOW; air quality is acceptable on these days; however, for some pollutants, there may be a moderate health concern for a small number of people.  Next level is unhealthy for sensitive groups, which is ORANGE.  Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects, but the general public is not likely to be affected.  The highest level of concern is unhealthy, which is RED.  Everyone may begin to experience health effects on RED days and members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects.

ORANGE days can be avoided if everyone takes steps to improve air quality.  P. Timothy Phelps, Executive Director of TMACC, recommends carpooling to work and taking public transit: “A major impact on air quality are cars and their emissions.  Creating carpools with co-workers and using public transportation, like SEPTA, greatly reduce the amount of ORANGE days we experience and can save you money.”

The Air Quality Partnership (AQP) is a coalition of businesses, organizations government agencies, and individuals who are concerned about the air quality in the Greater Philadelphia region and the health of the region’s citizens. TMACC is an Air Quality Partner because transportation is a major cause of air pollution.  To explore how your business can become an active partner in reducing air pollution, please contact TMACC at 610-993-0911 or call Sean Greene at 215-238-2860.  To get the more information on air quality and tips to reduce pollutants, visit  



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